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RV Travel Issue #362
2009-2-12 15:06:37   RV Travel
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Editor's corner

By Chuck Woodbury

EDITOR'S VIDEO COMMENT: No video comment this week

Dear reader,
I am having a very good trip -- around 1,300 miles now from near Seattle to Laughlin, Nev. I have put away my long-sleeved shirts in favor of tee-shirts. Today, in Laughlin, there are high clouds, but the temperature should be around 75.

My first day on the road I stayed at the Rice Hill RV Park along I-5 north of Grants Pass, Oregon. While checking in I chit-chatted with attendants Chuck and Kathy who are full-time RVers. I asked them if they had ever heard of RVtravel.com. "No," they said.

Sometimes when I ask that question people answer yes, and then when I tell them that I edit the website, they say, "Oh, you're THAT guy." After that, we are like old buddies.

But this time they said something I had never heard before: "Everybody has a website." They explained that RVers who stay at the park routinely tell them, "I am going to write about this park on my website" (or their blog).

Well, I realized right then and there that times have changed. When I first got into the web publishing business, I would say to an RV park manager that I had a website about RVing. And they would ask "What's a website?"

* * *

I VISITED TWO DAYS with my aunt in the central California farming community of Lindsey. Linda has six horses, six dogs and six llamas. The horses and dogs are friendly, but the llamas are not. They just stare at you from afar like they are trying to figure out why a strange creature is in their proximity. They have never come close to me in recent visits. But this time one of them walked right up and tried to give me a kiss, which Linda said is the way they introduce themselves to other llamas.

So I put my nose out over the fence that separated us, and Mora the llama walked cautiously closer. Everything from this point on happened in a flash, like time was standing still. Watching Mora's long snout approach was like looking into a View Master 3-D viewer or maybe like looking through a fish eye lens. When the animal was within inches of me, a terrible thought flashed through my mind, probably prompted by the site of her huge and unbelievably ugly teeth. I thought, "That animal is going to bite off my nose!" So I pulled back just as she was about to kiss me.

Well, the animal was very put off by this rude gesture and immediately backed away. And from then on, even when I called her name over and over, she would just stare at me but never approach. I had really blown it. I regret now that I was so rude. Then again, I still have my nose, so who knows?

Anyway, that was perhaps the highlight of my trip so far, which pretty much tells you that everything has been routine. But I'll tell you. . . I'm lovin' being on the road.

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KOA charity event offers free night of camping in May
Nearly 400 KOA campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada are preparing for the 6th Annual "Come Kamp and Care With Us" charity event on May 8 and 9. RVers and other campers who make reservations at participating KOA Kampgrounds pay for only Friday, May 8 and camp for free on Saturday, May 9. Learn more.

How to avoid paying too much for your RV
Citing a fascinating study of consumer buying habits, Jim Twamley explains how the findings can be applied to the purchase of an RV, and in a way that could save the buyer money. Read all about it.

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RV gets smoked to death
In this official fire department video you never see any flames. But watch as the fire fighters battle to knock down the smoke. We suspect the smoke damage alone doomed this motorhome to the RV graveyard. Watch the video at MotorhomesOnFire.com.

Solar panels not charging? Here are some troubleshooting tips
If you rely on solar panels for getting juice to your RV, a failure in the system can be a major problem. The system isn't difficult to diagnose. Here are some tips.

Will Quartzsite TV go dark? Maybe. Maybe not
The official word is that on Feb. 17, if your TV is the older analog type, it will no longer pick up TV signals. But wait! It isn't that simple. . . and in the snowbird capital of Quartzsite, Ariz., you may still be able to watch TV with an older analog set. Why? Find out here.

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How cool is "cool enough" with your RV's refrigerator?
Should you keep your RV refrigerator running on propane as you roll down the road? It's a question debated by RVers often. Russ and Tina De Maris weigh in with their thoughts and answer another question: "If you don't travel with the fridge running, will the food stay cold?" To which they ask (and then answer) "Depends on how cool is cool enough?"

RV makeover makes sense in these tough economic times
If your old RV seems outdated it probably is. In the past you might have thought about trading up for a newer model with a contemporary color scheme. In this economic climate that may not be possible, so why not do some remodeling and redecorating? Jim Twamley visited with an RVing couple who did just that. Learn what they did and see the results.

Truck camper question
What should you buy first, the truck or the camper?
This is sort of a which came first: the chicken or the egg? Russ De Maris has some advice for you if you are thinking of buying a truck camper or a truck to house it.

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How to build a bicycle rack for your RV
Bicycles are a great way to get around after you have parked your RV -- they don't pollute and the exercise does your body good. Here is how one RVing couple built their bike carrying rack for their travel trailer.

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Learn about RV shows through the winter of 2009. Check in here to learn when shows will be held in your area.

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How to make your motorhome cockpit AC/heater more efficient
Motorhomes are basically an RV built on a chassis. Traveling on a hot summer day makes you wonder if your RV's air conditioning unit is broken because it doesn't seem to be very cool. Not to worry: there's nothing wrong with your AC, it's just overwhelmed. It's not like cooling a small car, it's more like cooling a small apartment and vehicle air conditioners were not designed for this large of a job. Here's a trick to make your cockpit AC and heater work better.

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Just published. New laws for 2009.
2009 Guide To The Firearm Laws of the 50 States
RVers who travel with a firearm may not know that what's legal in their home state may be a felony in another. This guide explains current, specific gun laws for every state. Don't cross a state line with a gun without knowing the laws!
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Ask the RV Doctor

Gary Bunzer, The RV Doctor is a well known RV author and the host of RV Roadtrips, the DIY Network cable television show. He is one of the RV industry's most sought after speakers and the host of the popular DVD Do It Yourself RV Care.

New RVer wonders why her RV's furnace exhaust is so hot

Dear RV Doctor,
We are new to RVing with a 2002 travel trailer. Is it normal for the Suburban furnace to put out so much hot air through the outside exhaust vent? I mean, it's really hot! You cannot put your hand in front of it and you have to make sure nothing is put near it. We get warm air through the vents inside and the thermostat is working fine, but is it normal for so much really hot air to be vented outside? Is there any way to route that hot air to underneath the trailer during winter? --Kathy VanLandingham

Read Gary's response.

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RV Boondocking Tips

Do you really need an expensive inverter?
By Russ and Tina De Maris

Shopping for a new power inverter leads to the inevitable choice of true sine wave or modified sine wave. The latter is a whole lot less expensive, but will it work for you? Most devices work just fine on the power produced by the less expensive modified sine wave inverter. Some definitely will not: for example, laser printers and some battery recharging systems. However, most televisions, microwave ovens, motor driven appliances and tools, and a host of other typical RV toys work just fine. What to do? If you aren't sure, check your owner manuals or get on the phone to the technical support folks.

Russ and Tina De Maris are the authors of RV Boondocking Basics.

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Mark Polk's RV Tech Tips

Exercise your generator
If your RV is equipped with a generator, at a minimum, it should be exercised for 30 minutes to an hour on a monthly basis with at least a half rated load. Consult your generator owner's manual for load ratings. If your generator has a carburetor and it is not exercised on a regular basis, the fuel will begin to gel around the jets. If this happens and you manage to get it started, it will have that all too familiar surging sound. It can damage electrical appliances and equipment, not to mention the cost of having the carburetor removed and cleaned. If the generator will be in long-term storage, you can add a fuel preservative to the fuel tank and run the generator long enough for the preserver to get through the fuel system. This will protect it until you are ready to use it again. More RV storage tips are available on our Winterizing and Storage video.

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Tourist Attraction Spotlight

Unique pet cemetery
memorializes old friends

For RVers, traveling pets are part of the family. When that sad day arrives when they're no longer with us, what's to do with their last remains? Out in the hills west of Yuma, Arizona, just inside California, a unique pet cemetery has built up over the years. Walking through it is moving; the tributes that loving families have put up for their pets shows just how much these ones are close to our hearts. Read more.

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About the editor
Chuck Woodbury has explored America by RV for nearly three decades. In the '90s he published a quirky travel newspaper about his adventures and was an "on the road" writer for the New York Times Syndicate. Nowadays, he lives near Seattle where he drinks massive amounts of coffee and travels often in his motorhome and sometimes by plane when vast expanses of saltwater would turn his RV into a leaky submarine. He is the host of the Better Business Bureau DVD "Buying a Recreational Vehicle," the definitive guide to purchasing an RV the right way.

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