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RV Travel Issue #329
2008-7-25 20:09:09   RV Travel

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Editor's Corner

By Guest Contributors Ray and Ellen McKenzie

As the price of fuel continues to escalate, we as RVers are forced to make tough decisions. Do we continue on in our lifestyle as before -- a sort of "Damn the torpedoes" attitude? Do we cut back -- become so-called "staycationers," who stick close to home, but still use our RVs? Or do we take a really drastic alternative -- sell the RV and give up the lifestyle?

These are tough calls, and individual circumstances dictate so much. If only we could get an accurate read on the future.  "Experts" predict "$150 oil, $200 oil, $500 oil -- thousand dollar oil!" These so-called experts can pull figures out of the air, float them with the mainstream media, and the rest of us sit glued to our TVs, trying to figure out how we'll be able to take a trip to the doctor's office, the grocery store, and the funeral planner's -- much less a trip with our rig.

What we're not hearing much on the evening news is this: Not everyone labeled "expert" agrees with the theory that oil prices are simply going to shoot through the troposphere in an unending moonshot. Take a minute to bring up your Google news search engine and type in the words: Oil Bubble. 

There are plenty of articles, opinions, and blogs that seem to fly in the face of the never-ending-oil-price-rise scenario; for some reason these counterpoints are rarely heard in the mainstream media. Why? Probably because of the old adage, "If it bleeds, it leads."  After all, it's far more exciting to predict that oil will reach the point where all of us end up walking, rather than suggest that there really might be a point where oil stops going up, and actually does return to a lower price. 

We don't have a crystal ball. What price will we pay when we make our next big trip in July? "Don't have the foggiest notion." But we know one thing:  We're not eager to "cash it in," and liquidate our RV holdings. We're not ready to give up the lifestyle.  At this point, we're willing to do what RVing we reasonably can, maintain the rigs, and watch and see where the market eventually settles. 

If you have a comment about what the McKenzie's wrote here, please post it in our forum.

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Wal-Mart says no to truckers, but yes to RVers
When Jim Twamley looked for a place to park overnight last week in Illinois, he sought out, as he often does, a nearby Wal-Mart store. This time when he arrived he discovered a barrier to keep out trucks, but not his motorhome. Learn more and see pics of the scene and find out what other "Big Box" store Jim chose for his snooze.

DVD: RVing Alaska

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Recent RV recalls
Each month we list the latest recalls of RVs at RVtravel.com. Here are the most recent ones: April -- March -- February -- January -- December -- November -- October -- September -- August

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Is your RV prepared for a natural disaster?
The recent natural disasters in Myanmar and China remind us that North America has suffered its own natural disasters in the past, and most certainly will be the victim of future ones. For instance, geologists say there's a 99 percent chance that a major earthquake will hit California in the next 30 years. This raises a critical question for RVers. Read on.

RVer dies in his coach at Indy 500.
Did RVer next door unintentionally poison him?
While authorities haven't made an official determination of the source of carbon monoxide that killed one man and sickened four others at last Sunday's Indy 500, another RVing couple is worried they may be to blame. RVs were packed like sardines into a race camping area and it's possible that the exhaust from an RVer's generator entered the RV parked next door, causing the tragedy. Read more.

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A low-budget option for would-be RVers
If you're interested in RVing but can't quite afford a conventional RV yet, there's an economical option that will give you a taste of what the lifestyle has to offer. Read both these posts, then start planning your camping trip. Article 1. Article 2.

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New manufacturing materials in store for future RVs
At least one RV manufacturer has responded to environmental concerns and the high cost of fuel with a major change in the way RVs are made. Will other RV manufacturers follow suit? If they do, RV buyers of the future will benefit, and so will the environment! Details.

Bad scene for RV?

This looks like a very bad situation for this car and trailer. How the heck could this even happen? Well, truth be told, it wasn't by accident. To see a bigger photo and learn where you can see this RV, click here.

See many other odd and unusual RVs at the blog Weird RVs.

Wal-Mart "No Overnight Parking" Stores
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Wifi service expanding at RV parks
Many RVers these days use the Internet for a variety of functions on the road. If you like to be connected while you're traveling, you'll want to read about this exciting new wifi service at a growing number of RV parks. Click here.

Coachmen offering generous rebates to stimulate RV sales
Coachmen RV Group wants to help the federal tax rebate program stimulate the economy by offering its own rebate packages to stimulate sales of new RVs. RVers who purchase certain Coachmen motorhomes and trailers can grab up to a $5,000 rebate.
Learn more.

RV Rentals: what you need to know
If you plan to rent an RV, then read the advice of RV expert Brent Peterson before you do.
"Sure, you can just skip down to the local RV rental facility and pick yourself out something nice," he writes. "But I prefer a more educated approach. Remember, knowledge is power." Read his story.

The best club for motorhome owners
If you drive a motorhome you should join the Family Motor Coaching Association, the largest and best club exclusively for motorhome owners. Many benefits including rallies, local chapters and thick monthly magazine. Special new member price of $35. Click here to learn more or join.

RV Performance with Eric Davis
Since 1972 Eric Davis has addressed RV engine performance. This week he answers this question:

Reader wants advice about why his Ford shifts so frequently on hills.

Dear Eric,
I have a Ford V10 with a Ford transmission. It shifts down on the slightest hill. How long can I expect this transmission to last? I have synthetic transmission fluid in it. What would you suggest? -- John Oliver

Read Eric's response.

Bella Terra means "Beautiful Land"
and that's exactly what this RV Resort is! The Gulf Coast's first 5-star master planned RV Resort. Five minutes away from the beautiful sugar-white sands of the Gulf of Mexico, Bella Terra is poised to set the standard for outdoor RV resorts.
See for yourself.

Surprise at national park leads to workamping tip
RV workcamping expert Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak had a pleasant surprise recently at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. Read about her discovery and her profile of two interesting workampers. At the end of her post, she provides a tip that will be valuable to any RVer who works a bit on the road. Click here.

Next "school" for RVers coming soon
The next stop for the "Elderhostel" for RVers is coming to Lewiston, Idaho, July 6-11. Life on Wheels is THE best place to learn about RVing -- whether the RVer is a beginner or long-time veteran. This year's LOW moves to the campus of Lewis and Clark State College. RVtravel.com and RVbookstore.com are among the sponsors of this year's event -- the #1 way to learn first-hand about all phases of RVing from the leading experts in the field. Learn more.

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This Week's Reader Survey

Do you use regular toilet paper in your RV or a special brand made for RVs? Answer here.

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Are you financially better or worse off today than five years ago? Read the answer here.

Past reader surveys and results.

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Pulling a trailer in Washington? Keep this tip in mind
Here's a highway tip for RVers who tow a trailer and are planning a trip in or through Washington state. It might help get you through traffic a little faster. Perhaps this applies to other states, too. Click here.

Newlyweds with Airstream
show off ideal RV boondocking site

A honeymooning couple traveling the USA with an Airstream trailer stop to camp near Leavenworth, Wash. In this entertaining episode, Sean, the host of the video, gives a tour of the campground and explains why he thinks "boondocking" like this is pretty darn great (and we agree!). Watch the short video.

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RVer has a mouse problem. "Help me!" she asks the Doc.

Dear RV doctor,
I have developed a mouse problem. My RV is currently parked on a seasonal site. This past winter it was winterized and all the vents covered, but mice still got it. I put out four trays of De-con about four weeks ago and all the trays are empty. What can I do to discourage the mice? Should I add mothballs, or put out more De-con? I have been told that the De-con actually invites them, but I don't want them to stay, so I figured that was the best thing to do. Please help. I have a new trailer and I don't want it ruined! --Karen Kenney

Read Gary's response.

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New RVer primer: boondocking versus dry-camping
If you're fairly new to RVing, you've probably heard the terms "boondocking" and "dry-camping" but may not know exactly what they mean, especially if you usually stay at RV parks. This article explains the differences and will suggest some new RVing adventures to you. Click here.

Follow these guidelines for propane safety
If your RVing ever involves dry-camping, you know how important and versatile propane is. Imagine trying to cook or stay warm without it! But like any gas, propane must be handled carefully. Here's a review of propane safety tips.

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RV is shaped like a whale!
We first showed you this video nearly two years ago. It was videotaped in 1990 by RV Travel editor Chuck Woodbury who had stumped upon a man in the Southern California desert who had built an RV in the shape of the whale Moby Dick. The sound is a little weak on this dub of a VHS tape, but we still think you will enjoy this short but delightful video.

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Boondocking Tip
By Russ and Tina De Maris

Are golf cart batteries better for your RV?
Many RVers swear by the use of golf cart batteries over conventional RV deep cycle batteries when boondocking. There are some good things to be said for the golf cart batteries, but they are only six volts each, so you'll need a bigger footprint to equal one useable battery for your RV. So are golf cart batteries right for you? Here's a discussion that might help you find the answer.

--Russ and Tina De Maris are the authors of RV Boondocking Basics.

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Winnebago debuts 2009 motorhomes
Winnebago Industries, Inc., celebrated its 50th anniversary by introducing new 2009 Winnebago, Itasca and ERA brand motor homes during the company's recent Dealer Days event. The company displayed 50 motorhomes, 46 percent of which are new or redesigned for 2009.
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New casino camping facility coming to Indiana

Fans of casino camping -- and horse racing -- will soon have an exciting new option in Indiana. If you live in the state or will be traveling through it on a trip, read on for more information.

Find Free RV Campgrounds
"Don't pay to stay!" Visit FreeCampgrounds.com and find nearly 2,000 free and inexpensive places to stay in the USA in an RV. Stretch your RVing budget by staying overnight at these freebie locations.
Check out our RV Travel Forum discussions

Toilet questions
Ok, I've bought a used gooseneck (84 Prowler) and I know next to nothing about them. My first question: where do you store the chemical that you pump into the toilet each time it's used? I looked all around the toilet and can't find anything. Also, do you start out with a little water in the holding tank? Has anyone used the water-powered jet pump type of dump system?

Water pump switch or the pump?
I purchased a 25' travel trailer this month and had to get a new 12 volt battery to have lights, since the old one on the trailer was dead. This is the first time I've owned a travel trailer and I'm a single woman. My question is regarding the water pump. Today I was ready to clean the dust from the AZ desert off the cabinets and brought a gallon of water. I saw the water pump switch on the wall and flicked the switch just to see if it started up. The water tank is completely empty. Nothing happened. No noise; nothing. My question is this: Do I need a new water pump? Does the pump not go on unless there is water in the tank? Could this just be a fuse problem? Do I need to pull the trailer to a RV repair shop to have it worked on and perhaps a new water pump installed? Or could this be a simple problem?

Phoenix to Seattle
My next assignment is Seattle. I have a tentative itinerary but welcome any and all suggestions: Night one somewhere near Joshua Tree National Forest. Night two Watsonville, California. To meet up with a friend. Night three Sparks, Nevada to meet up with family. Night four Salem, Oregon. Night five Seattle. There are a few no travel days in here but would welcome any suggestions.

Over the cab section NOT connected to the cab: WHY?
It might sound silly but I'm a newbie in RVs and have no clue. I've just recently purchased a 1997 Fleetwood Chevy class C 23-foot motorhome. My concern is that I've noticed that the overhead bunkbed is NOT connected to the main body over the driver's head. It is just hanging there over the cab and when I drive around, it twists and turns. Is this how it's supposed to be? Is there some aftermarket support or something to make it stronger or reinforce it? Or can I just put a rubber block inside the space and screw it down in place?

RV lifestyle and visiting relatives
I hope this issue isn't too off the wall. Do any of you have to deal with relatives you visit who don't want you to stay in your RV and think it's silly?

Coachmen offering huge rebates!
If you're in the market for a new RV, it's a  buyer's market. And you should see the whopper rebates you can get right now on the purchase of a new Coachmen motorhome or trailer -- up to $5,000. Check out the special Coachmenomic Stimulus Rebate and how you can pick up an amazing deal - and then get a big fat rebate check to boot! Learn more.

Bill's Hints
If you get any kind of shock or "tingle" when you grab the door handle of your RV while standing on the ground, UNPLUG your power cable. On rare occasions campground power is found to be improperly wired. In wet weather, it could prove fatal. -- From Motorhomes Made Easy

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Blogger can handle a camera as well as the keyboard
RV romance blogger Bess McBride is a wonderful photographer as well as a writer, and her beautiful photos (all taken during her RVing excursions) always enliven her posts. If you haven't been following her posts, you're missing some striking scenes. As an example, take a look at the neat shots here.

An RVer ponders values on a pier
Skiing, hiking, golf, swimming, hunting -- whatever hobby you enjoy, an RV probably can take you to an area where you can engage in it. But most hobbies cost money. Are they worth it? Read blogger Jim Twamley's thoughts about the price of one of his favorite hobbies. Click here.

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Dog Friendly's Campground and RV Park Guide

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Bumper Snicker
I'm still a hot babe, but now it it comes in flashes.
Read other funny bumper stickers or buy them.

Casino Camping: Guide to RV-Friendly Casinos
This directory is the best casino guide for RVers. Learn which casinos have RV parks or offer free overnight stays. Plus get tips and information about other casino benefits for RVers. Learn more or order.
2008 RV Show Schedule
Learn about RV shows through the spring of 2008. Check in here to learn when shows will be held in your area.

Books and DVDs about Full-time RVing
Largest selection in the World.

Quiet military campground awaits RVers
Military or military-qualified RVers traveling in Texas may not know about this quiet but pleasant naval air station campground. It has lots to offer and is well worth a look. Read more.

Advice about how to buy a used RV. Click here

Worth Pondering
Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense dancing.
-- Clive James
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